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Most are familiar with the term live casino by now. Almost all online casinos offer a wide variety of live games such as roulette, Texas Hold’em and Black Jack. When live casinos were first introduced online they quickly became very popular. You can’t deny that playing live brings you closer to the real feel of a casino and ads to the excitement. This is the main reason it attracts so many players. The next step in making the online casino experience more real was to introduce live dealers. This is something we see more and more at online casinos today.

What is a live dealer?

A live dealer is exactly what it sounds like – a dealer that is live on the screen. This means you will be able to see your dealer on your casino screen as he or she stands by a table ready to play the game with you. You will be able to interact with your dealer throughout the game. You might be wondering how your computer and the online casino will know which cards the live dealer plays. Well, every card has been fitted with a microchip that communicates with an advanced computer program. When the dealer plays the cards the program can decode exactly what is going on in the game.

How do you play a game with a live dealer?

The game starts by the player making a virtual bet. When the bet has been placed the dealer with start handing out the cards. Each card will be scanned by the dealer, a bit like when groceries are scanned at the store, so that the program knows which cards have been dealt. Every time a card is scanned it will update the program and your screen. Just as in real life casinos the dealer will then wait patiently for the players to make their moves. When the moves and choices have been made the dealer with act and it goes back and forth until the hand is done. Every bet will be dealt with directly one by one. During the game the active players can interact with their dealer thru at chat interface and, depending on which casino you are playing at, players can also choose to tip their dealer. If you are curious about how this game looks when it is played there are clips you can watch on YouTube and other places that will show you the game play.

Where can I play casino with a live dealer?

Because the service of using a live dealer has become very popular there are several developers who have created software for this kind of casino gaming. Some developers have created platforms only for roulette with live dealers, others also have a platform for Black Jack with a live dealer. Today there are only these two games available for this type of game play. Among the developers who have created software for live dealers you can find names such as Netent and Playtech. Smaller developers also have software for this like Playpearls, Opus gaming and Ezugi.

To be able to experience playing with a live dealer you will have to find a casino that offers software from one of these developers or one of the other developers that have created a live dealer software. Because such a large number of developers have created this type of software it won’t be hard for you to find a casino to try it out in. There will be enough casinos for you to sit back and choose among the best offers to use when you register and/or when you make your first deposit at the casino.

Is it possible to try a live dealer game without making a real money bet?

This is one of the few games that you won’t be able to find as a free version, not on the casinos or at the de homepages of the different developers. This is because of the fact that the dealer is working and his or her time must be spent attending to the real money players. You can however see video clips and movies online that will show you exactly how it is done. The features and rules of the game is something you can find information about on casinos, affiliate sites and developers homepages. The layout of the live dealer game may vary between different casinos depending on which software they are using. Besides that all you need to know are the rules of the game and you are set to go. Time to experience an online casino in a whole new and intriguing way. The chance to interact with the dealer and see him or her handing out the cards in real time is an experience that will bring you closer to the casino experience and to the game itself.

100% up to £10 + 10 Welcome Spins

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