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100% up to €150

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  • Casino: Blackjack Ballroom Casino
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Pontoon is the name of two special card games that are types of Blackjack. For players in Malaysia, Singapore and Australia, Pontoon is a card game similar to match play 21 or Spanish 21. For players in the UK Pontoon is a game that more resembles the traditional Blackjack game. Both types of Pontoon is played against a dealer and when you win you will pocket a nice sum of money

How is Pontoon played?

The most type of Pontoon that is played at casinos is the one that is played in the UK. So how is Pontoon different from the classic game of Blackjack? If you manage to hit 21 with only two cards it is called a Pontoon. If both you and the dealer hit 21 with a Pontoon you will get a 2:1 win. The Pontoon is the best hand in this game and it beats all other 21 hands. Just like in the classic Blackjack game you can chose to hit, stay, double or split. If your hand and the dealer’s hand are the same (a push) the dealer is the winner. The best hands are, as mentioned, the Pontoon followed by a five card hand and a hand with four and less cards that do not reach 21. The first two will give a win of 2:1, the third win grants a 1:1 win.

Pontoon is more profitable in that the house edge is lower than in classic black jack. Depending on how you play the game you can get the house edge down to 0.34%. The edge is always between 0.5% and 0.34%. This makes Pontoon a game that is easier to win than the traditional black jack.

History of the game

Exactly when Pontoon was created is unknown. The classic Blackjack game has it’s roots in France in the 1700’s where the game was called vingt-et-un which means 21. The type of Blackjack we play today was created in the US around the year 1910. When gaming was made legal in several states in the 1930’s games such as Blackjack really took off. When the game made it to the US some casinos chose to add a special win. You got this win when you managed to reach 21 by getting a Blackjack and the ace of spades. This special win was later removed but the term black jack stuck and is still used today.

As with most games there has been several strategies developed over the years. Strategies created to beat the game. The first time a strategy like that got some attention was in 1956 when the Journal of America published the first mathematical analysis of the game called The Optimum Strategy. The article was written by Roger Baldwin. In 1962 the legendary book Beat The Dealer by professor Edward O. Thorpe was released. The book shook the casino world and sold fast. As a result many casino owners tried to change their rules regarding the game but massive public protests stopped that.

Can I play BlackJack Pontoon online?

Today most of us prefer to play our casino games online. It is much easier to start up the computer, Ipad or cell phone than it is to travel to the nearest casino. This has lead to the casinos online offering a wide range of games. To visit an online casino should be a bigger adventure than stepping into a land based casino. For example, at casino online you can find several card games, video poker, slots and they have a live casino.

Since the online casinos only seem to increase in popularity the casinos have increased their portfolio to include games that are not as widely known as the regular casino games. One example of that is the game Pontoon. This means that you can find this game at several different casinos online. What type of Pontoon you find and the design of the game might differ between different casinos depending on which game developer they use. You will notice that most online casinos will use a combination of software from several game developers.

If you want to check out and maybe try to play Pontoon for free there are a few options for this. For example, you can visit an affiliate site that promote a casino, developer or a specific game. These sites usually offer the chance to try the game for free and they also provide you with a short review of the game. Some casinos will offer you a free account where you will get some fake money you can use to try out every game in the casino, including Pontoon. Also you can visit the game developers own home page where you usually can try the games the offer for free.

100% up to €150

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