Zombie Annihilation

Zombie Annihilation

platform: Android, AirConsole                      release date: 15.03.2016



Game description

Prepare for the bloodbath! Zombie Annihilation is a top-down defense action game where you eliminate hordes of enemies with the heaviest of heavy weapons.
Your main weapon is anti-tank machine gun which rips your enemies to pieces! When this isn’t enough use your rocket artillery and call powerful tanks to smash all the incomming zombies.
And all this you control with a single finger!


The game has been released in two versions.

Zombie Annihilation for Android devices is a singleplayer mode where player must upgrade each weapon in order to complete further missions.

Zombie Annihilation: The Winter Duel is a port version to AirConsole where two players can play in local multiplayer mode. Computer runs the game (it’s a console) and players use their mobiles as game pads. The goal is to kill more enemies than the opponent within three waves where each wave brings new weapon and enemies.


Game history

Nobody remembers what happened exactly. Everybody just knows that bad thing happened in the past and now whole world is occupied by zombies. Only few human enclaves left. It is not acceptable to live like that any day longer. It’s time to take the planet back!


Key features

  • singleplayer mode (Android) and multiplayer mode (AirConsole)zombieAnnihilation
  • eye catchy bloodbath
  • 5 different types of zombies
  • 6 different maps
  • three deadly weapons
  • unlimited number of waves
  • unlimited number of upgrades
  • each weapon upgrades in a different way
  • each wave is harder (more zombies, new zombies, harder zombies, zombie bosses)
  • easy to newcomers and challanging further in game
  • zombie boss spawns every 5 waves after wave 20
  • just one finger to aim and shoot
  • total kill counter so you know your contribution to the new world

Release date

Both Android and AirConsole version: 15th of March 2016



Available on Android (singleplayer mode) and AirConsole (local multiplayer mode with subtitle „The Winter Duel”).
Plans to release on iOS and Windows Phone.
Also plans to release a port as desktop app on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Play singleplayer on Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wtfgamesgroup.zombieannihilationac

Play local multiplayer on AirConsole (PC): https://www.airconsole.com/play/zombie-annihilation