Magic Shapes

Magic Shapes

platform: Android                      release date: 01.04.2016



Game description

Magic Shapes is a colorful hardcore casual mobile game which which will let you train your focus and fingers agility! While various shapes fall from the sky, your goal is to not let them hit the ground. Beware of the fairies! Fairies are special magic shapes which appear randomly changing the time of the day and other shapes behaviour.


How to play

Always tap the equivalent icon of the shape which is the closest to the ground! Otherwise your tap will be considered as a failure!




Key features

  • 6 colorful magic shapes
  • eye catchy design
  • 2 game states (day and night)
  • very addictive (you want to catch them more next time!)
  • easy at start and challanging further in game
  • 2 animated fairy shapes


Release date

Android: 1st of April 2016



Available on Android
Plans to release on iOS, Windows Phone and AirConsole port.


Play on Android: