Ultimate Solid is comming soon!


Ultimate Solid is comming soon!

Months after the initial idea came up in our heads, we are finally ready to announce our newest baby. Ultimate Solid is a unique arcade game where it’s not the speed which is crucial, but the precision and tactic. In the hostile world full of physic objects your goal is to jump into the level’s end-piont...

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Magic Shapes is now available on Google Play!



Magic Shapes has just been released!

Magic Shapes is a colorful hardcore casual mobile game which will let you train your focus and fingers agility!

Check out the Magic Shapes page or do not hesitate and play it right now on your Android device!

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Zombie Annihilation won C2 Business License in AirConsole game contest!


Hey! Proud to say that Zombie Annihilation won the Construct 2 Business License in AirConsole HTML5 Game Contest 2016!

C2 Business license was the second prize. The first prize was $1500 cash which went to Castle Hustle team Рagain congratz!

There were also 10 mentiones which won $100 each.

If you are not familiar with AirConsole yet...

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